How to order?

You have decided to decorate Your celebration with beautiful fireworks and appealed to our company. Great! Here we will talk about our further interaction.
As a client of the company Fireworks Tornado at Your disposal will be a set of services and procedures in the following sequence:
Presentation – acquaintance with our works. Videos of our fireworks can be viewed here, on our website, on the Alex Anev channel in YouTube, on our stand at wedding exhibitions, in which we regularly participate, in our office. We will send to Your e-mail a quotation with examples of our work and prices.
Meeting - in our office, at the address of the fireworks or in a convenient place for You. Making and providing a quotation for your job or specific requirements.
Draft contract - after the meeting, we will prepare a contract for the provision of services for fireworks. At this stage, there will be an opportunity for comments or corrections.
Signing the contract – the stage of signing the contract and making an advance payment.
Draft special blasting - fabrication and project approval blasting.
Obtaining a permit – preparation and submission of documents to all authorities, in accordance with the procedure established by law, payment of state fees. As a result – obtaining permission from the Ministry of emergency situations to hold a salute.
Transportation of explosives - is carried out with the help of permits and specialized transport and safety ADR.
Ensuring safety at the place of preparation and holding of fireworks – designation of the area of preparatory work with special protective equipment, ensuring safety at the place of fireworks throughout the time – from the beginning of preparatory work to the end of dismantling of equipment. 
Carrying out preparatory work – the stages of installation of the necessary equipment, construction of electrical explosion network, connection of all elements of the fireworks show according to the script to the music, check the sound equipment, etc.
Blasting operations – directly launch fireworks.
Cleaning of the territory of the fireworks – cleaning of the remaining elements of the packaging of pyrotechnics used, disposal of not spent pyrotechnics, dismantling of equipment.
For our part, we guarantee: the maximum fulfillment of Your wishes, the safety of the fireworks show, strict adherence to deadlines, getting You a huge amount of positive emotions!

With best regards, Fireworks Tornado.