How to order?

What is the service of a pyrotechnic company?

As a client of the Tornado Fireworks company, you have a set of services and procedures at your disposal in the following sequence:

Presentation-in our office you can read the presentation package or e-mail.

Meeting - in a convenient place for you. In our office, at the location (salute) or in your office. Commercial offer-making and providing a commercial offer for your job or specific requirements. 

Draft contract-this is followed by consideration and approval by the guarantor. Possibility for comments or corrections.

Contract of assignment-you must sign and pay an advance.

Draft special blasting - fabrication and validation of the project blasting.

Documents for authorization-preparation and submission to different authorities, payment of state fees.

Obtaining permission-issued by the Ministry of emergency situations after submission of clean documentation. 

Transportation of explosives-is carried out with the help of permits and specialized transport and safety ADR.

Blast area - the case is isolated and safe hazardous area is protected with the dividing pillars.

Construction of the electric explosion network-check and measurement.

Carrying out explosive works-literally start of fireworks.

The cleaning of the large waste.