Delivery in Bulgaria

The presence of our office in Sofia gives You a unique opportunity to order pyrotechnics, as well as balloons and goods for the holiday with delivery in Bulgaria without paying for the shipment of goods at international rates.

You are in Russia and want to surprise Your loved ones in Bulgaria? Then You're in the right place! Choose your favorite product on our Bulgarian website and we will deliver it as soon as possible. Perhaps you will find something interesting for yourself and in our e-shop, and we will find an analogue in Bulgaria.

Your advantage:

1. You communicate with the operator in Russian,

2. You call on Moscow number,

3. You can pay for Your order in rubles or in leva.

You are in Bulgaria and want to make Your loved ones a surprise? We'll help! Choose in our online store or at our Bulgarian site any product and any method of delivery here. Be sure your order will be delivered soon!

Your advantage:

1. You communicate with the operator in Bulgarian or Russian,

2. You call the Bulgarian number in Sofia,

3. You can pay for Your order in leva or rubles.

You can use the service of self-delivery.
You can pick up the order yourself from our store for free.
Store address: gr. 1172 Sofia, Studentski grad, BL. 55 (on gerba on VH. A) shop "TORNADO" at any time convenient for you in mon-sun from 9 to 18.

Registration and formation of the order in a warehouse happens only after confirmation of your order with the Manager.

The cost of delivery to Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria check with our managers:

in Moscow:

+7 925 511 77 73
+7 495 278 02 28​​

e-mail: [email protected]

in Sofia:

+359 887 261 781

+359 886 909 909

+359 887 639 398

e-mail: [email protected]

skype: tornadobg


Delivery by transport companies is possible.

You can pay in cash to the courier upon delivery of the goods or in the store.

Clearing settlement.
Our Manager will issue an invoice and after receipt of funds to our account, we will agree with you the terms of delivery or self-delivery of the order.

The website Fireworks Tornado in Bulgaria: